Nico Never Wavers

Scalia Speaks scalia.JPG

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia claims to be an “Originalist” in court decisions, but he likes his history predictable, if wrong.

Defending his 2000 Florida recount cutoff, Scalia goes with a classic, offering the legend of a noble Richard Nixon putting country above self, declining to challenge the disputed 1960 election.

“Richard Nixon, when he lost to [John F.] Kennedy thought that the election had been stolen in Chicago, which was very likely true with the system at the time,…But he did not even think about bringing a court challenge. That was his prerogative. So you know if you don’t like it, don’t blame it on me…I didn’t bring it into the courts. Mr Gore brought it into the courts.”

Others aren’t so sure about silent, selfless, sixties Nixon.

“Three days after the election, party Chairman Sen. Thruston Morton launched bids for recounts and investigations in 11 states—an action that Democratic Sen. Henry Jackson attacked as a “fishing expedition.” Eight days later, close Nixon aides, including Bob Finch and Len Hall, sent agents to conduct “field checks” in eight of those states. Peter Flanigan, another aide, encouraged the creation of a Nixon Recount Committee in Chicago. All the while, everyone claimed that Nixon knew nothing of these efforts—an implausible assertion that could only have been designed to help Nixon dodge the dreaded “sore loser” label.”

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