Middle East? Middle Everything!

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Thrilling new tapes from the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library are released, showing his intense identification with Israel.

All well and good, but tales of American presidents and the plucky Jewish State are beginning to get mushy. We’ve had Harry Truman’s recognition of Israel commemorated, a hideous Kennedy memorial defaces the Jerusalem kennedy-memorial-israel-yad-kennedy.JPG landscape, and Johnson’s Jewish ties are being extended back to his first term in Congress.

With some unfortunate photo placement.


The effect of all this is to extend the current US role as Israeli’s godfather back in time, burying the whole period when France provided nuclear technology and most of their conventional weapons, and of Czechoslovakia’s arms during the War of Independence.

The anachronistic centrality we are seeing starts is beginning to resemble the hemp cultists washington-jefferson-hemp.GIF counting past presidents who grew the crop.

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