I Regret Nothing!

All Seeing kissinger.jpg

It’s always great to hear from beloved old war criminal Henry Kissinger, and he does not disappoint in the latest “Lunch With the FT.”

A glancing effort comparing his perspective on Iraq:

“If we withdraw from Iraq, the radical elements in all the neighbouring Arab countries will be greatly encouraged.”

…leads to the triumphant return of the Domino Theory:

“the collapse in Vietnam was partly compensated for by the almost simultaneous and fortuitous disintegration of the Soviet Union.”

The 15 years he thus whisks away may seem but the twinkling of an eye to an elder statesman like Kissinger, but it also has the additional benefit of wiping out his post-Vietnam adventures supporting South Africa’s invasion of Angola and Indonesia’s of East Timor.

Kissinger clearly has something going on with the period, lying about it in his memoirs and as recently as

kissinger-ford-funeral.jpg Gerald Ford’s funeral:

“He sparked the initiative to bring majority rule to southern Africa, a policy that was a major factor in ending colonialism there.”

Kissinger was so desperately blocking dominoes back then that he even pitched Frank Sinatra for help in Africa.



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