Mything Reagan

Don’t Try This At Home reagan-sherif-gun.jpg

The Boston Herald visits the storied Reagan Ranchtrademark3.gif, and learns that Ronald Reagan was Just Like Us, if by us you mean a god ‘n guns guy. Because after all, ‘The last U.S. president to hunt was Ronald Reagan…”

Maybe so, but try and find a picture of Reagan with a gun which isn’t a movie still.

The Reagan Ranch is now run as a conservative tourist/fundraising stop by the Young Americas Foundation, and they had beloved Boston talk radio personality Michael Graham up for a look.

He was not disappointed.

“…while roaming the Reagan Ranch just outside Santa Barbara, I saw with my own eyes the vast gulf between and the politician some believe is the Reagan of 2008, Barack Obama…It was on display in the two (count ‘em, TWO!) leather-covered Bibles in the Reagan bedroom and the well-stocked gun case nearby.”

What he saw and how they got there is unknowable given the YAF’s dubious history of artifact shuffling.

Let’s explore the land of the ever-fruitful “Reagan Jeep.”

The Spring 2006 issue of YAF’s Libertas has a blue jeep at the ranch, reagan-ranch-jeep-blue.jpg

but by August a visiting right wing blogger saw a red jeep, reagan-ranch-jeep-red.JPG which appears to have some provenance. reagan-driving-red-jeep.jpg

The YAFers seem confused. Their publication mentions Ronald Reagan’s jeep called “Gipper.” on display at their Santa Barbara “Reagan Ranch Center.”

[note “scrambler”]


Perhaps their confusion comes from a license plate they have . reagan-ranch-jeep-plate.JPG

I have no idea what they have, and they may not either.
reagan-ranch-auction-jeep.jpg Yet another “Reagan jeep” was offered for sale at a Houston car auction in early May 2008.

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