That ’70s Show

The Next Voice You Hear reagan-who-promo.jpg

Miss Grandpa’s voice on the radio?

Fret no more, Ronald Reagan is coming back to AM! It’s the very best of radio at it’s most analog, lovingly resurrected to win another generation to the cause.

It’s the hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today, without the clutter of those last three.

reagan-commentary-ad.jpg As Reagan re-animation efforts continue to reach new heights, the musty scripts are being presented as timeless words from yesteryear, “over 1,000 radio addresses that clarified his vision for America.”

And of course, “Non-political in nature.”

roosevelt-radio-mikes.jpg FDR gave his fireside chats while he actually held power, facing epic troubles larger than the looming abandonment of the Panama Canal Zone. But the idea of replaying his tapes during the 60s wouldn’t have passed the laugh test.

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