If These Walls Could Talk

…They Might Say, “I Suppose, But Lose The Doofus Narrator”


jefferson-1-logo.jpg It’s come to this: after following the familiar path from dissident Trotskyist to NATO enthusiast, Christopher Hitchens finds himself in the company of “libertarians.”

But it’s all for charity! jefferson-1-hitchens.jpg

Hitchens recently attended a booze-up benefiting the “Jefferson One” – the sole arrestee at a late night Jefferson Memorial gathering of “Jefferson enthusiasts”. Arrest video with deeply lame commentary [“Read these walls…Thomas Jefferson is looking down and he is going to be very dissatisfied”] here.

Libertarian is a misnomer for these corporate hirelings. The event was organized by “Bureaucrash, the youth-oriented libertarian affiliate of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.” the latest in a proud tradition of Washington hacks trying to reach The Youth with sad youthquake outreach efforts.

While most youth politics supports the growth of the already bloated government bureaucracy, we fight for freedom.”

leadorleave.jpg Anyone miss them “Lead Or Leave” boys?

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