Former Mexican President Vicente “Even Blacks” Fox threatens to open the first ever Mexican Presidential Library Monday.

It’ll be great.

Es Muy, Muy Autentico! fox-child.jpg

fox.gif His web page is already filled with endless caption-less photographs the nature of which we can only speculate about. This appears to be the bottom of an alien transport vacuum device. fox-museum-tube.jpg

Who’s coming to the opening?

fox-bush.jpg Probably not Gorge Bush. President Bush started out all buddy-buddy, but despite their shared love of endangered species cowboy boots, Bush’s interest in close-in neighborhoods faded when a middle east tear-down became available. And more recently Fox called out Bush’s cowboy schtick, recalling that he was afraid of horses.

There’s always fellow after office investigatee Brian Mulroney.

Mulroney appears to have time on his hands, and he ought to done flogging his eleven hundred page memoirs by now.

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