Reaganier Than Thou To End In Tears?

The Wolfe & His Prey reagan-wolfe-building.jpg

The Houston school politician who rose to greatness crusading to name the Harris County Department of Education headquarters for friend of youth Ronald Reagan is back in the news. His fellow Republican board members want him to quit, and plot to dump him if he won’t go quietly. The charge?

trustee Michael Wolfe …. neglected his duties, lowered morale and sought to disband the public entity.

The Department finances adult and special education programs. They are funded from a cut of property taxes, fees from other bodies, and state and federal grants.

Reaganaut Michael Wolfe got the Department’s headquarters named for Reagan last year, but hasn’t stopped there. He sponsored successful republican party primary challengers for two sitting board members, and attempted to decapitate other local republican pols until the county republican committee stopped him.

At the Department of Education itself he’s using salami tactics – proposing to abolish their tax base. The ousted board members and their allies view this as a disloyal act, and are moving to purge.

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