Everything’s Bigger In Texas!

We will take your concept, idol or mentor and create a mammoth statue out of it.”

The Dream presidentia-lpark-at-water-lights1.jpg

…And The Ditch presidents-heads-mud.jpg

The vision is taking hold at the Venice of Houston.
Historic Real Estate Inc. – so steeped in, um, something, is building the weirdest incarnation yet of one man’s obsession with gigundus presidential heads.

David Adickes‘s gift to the nation is his obsession with immense busts of our revered former leaders. He already has theme parks centered on these First Oddities in South Dakota and Virginia, but it will be so much nicer with tour boats. And shopping. Somehow the mystery of Easter Island paired with the likes of Marvin Van Buren will draw swarms of Cinnabon munchers.

Adickes’s anything to draw a crowd spirit has already led to the heads use as backdrop to a

rap video. pres-heads-rap-still.jpg Think water ballet!

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