Touching De Void

Just Because judicial-watch-graphic.jpg

The already Clinton-crazed kids at Judicial Watch face further proof that the world is against them. Their endless litigation to force someone, anyone, to disclose, admit, or just fess up to Hillary Clinton’s dark deeds has stalled.

latest.jpg A major hangup is the vastness of their National Archives requests colliding with practical limits to how fast Archives can shuffle Clinton, or any, papers.

“At an estimated three million pages, the size and scope of Judicial Watch’s present FOIA request makes it the largest FOIA request that the Clinton presidential library has received to date…Further, the request is greater than any FOIA request ever received to date at any of the presidential record act libraries.“

Archives handles requests first come, first serve, and in line ahead of The Watchers are a different species of crank. Grant Cameron trolls the Clinton and other Presidential Library files for proof of UFOs. ufo-pols.jpg

And “The Mainstream Media’s Lonely UFU Blog” reports Cameron is poised to further annoy The Watchers. He’s endorsing Hillary Clinton as best on the little green men question.

“She … would be the most fearless individual to find and take on the secret UFO cabal”


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