Roh Your Own

New Light on Old Presidents korea-dark.jpg

One former Korean President is pursuing Carter-ization, demonstrably simple living joined with good works, while a murder has called attention to a dead former President’s political afterlife.

roh-moo-hyun-walks1.jpg The New York Times reports that Roh Moo-hyun’s just plain folksiness is wowing em back in his hometown, and he’s remaining visible elsewhere through his web site.

park-chung-hee-head-shot.gif Former strongman Park Chung-hee park-movie-poster.jpg

[took power in a coup, killed in office by head of KCIA] is back in the news after a murder at his former home, park-chung-hee-home.JPG preserved as a monument to his humble roots.

park-chung-hee-japanese-army.GIF And, um, service to Korea’s former Japanese overlords.

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