Dick Nixon, Sob Sister

nixon-new-nixon-blog-graphic.jpg The New Nixon blog is a last holdout for Nixon loyalists, the brave band who followed him into exile and the world of deferential memorializing.

Frank Gannon is of this band of brothers [Diane Sawyer and Monica Crowley having gone to glory elsewhere], and in the New Nixon Gannon displays once more the epic tone deafness of Nixon and his minions.

Gannon’s post on Politico‘s “50 Greatest Political Moments“starts off making minor harrumphs over Nixon resignation details [at the time of His choosing!], then closes quoting approvingly from Politico‘s tear-stained account of Nixon’s last conversation with his 1968 rival.

On Christmas Day 1977 Hubert”He Showed Us How To Die” Humphrey was literally dying. He called Nixon and they chatted about their pasts. Humphrey assumed Nixon would be spending the holiday with his daughters, but Nixon choked up, confessing that he and Pat were alone. nixon-christmas-tree.jpg

The story tells us not much on Humphrey, but a great deal about Nixon’s pathalogical inability to feel any emotion but self-pity.

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