Sites For Sore Asses

Daily diary of the George W. Bush Library dream the Dallas Morning News has a thorough guide to all manner of dubious characters hopin’ and a prayin’ for some traffic to their Bush Library-ish sites, or to at least sell the web addresses they’ve squatted.

Motley don’t begin to describe them. is the usual crummy collection of random ads pining for your patronage.

Better than Half Off! coulter-half-off.gif Hardy perennial “Ann Coulter’s Column Free” vies for your eager fingers with the Republican National Committee and this guy bush-squat-ad.jpgintensely posed in what appears to be his bathroom in order to further his writing career.

Look, but don’t buy, it only encourages them! and are anti Bush sites without much content.

The orgs do have a handsome graphic featuring Bush at his mission accomplishing best. flyboy.jpg

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