You’ve Seen The Movie…

Now Live The Life! reagan-on-tv-black-and-white.jpg

reagan-suv.jpg Another puzzled visitor to the Reagan Library tries to make sense of the odd angles taken:

“There is Air Force One (you can go inside!), there’s Marine One, there are those big black Secret Service Suburbans, and, revealingly, there’s even an LAPD police car and motorcycle, just because those kinds of things will excite people who get excited about Marine One.”

reagan-knute-rockne.jpg Even further removed from reality, a real memento of events Reagan only knew in the movies.

“There’s the “historical artifact” (perfectly encapsulating the story of Reagan) of the Notre Dame sweater worn by Knut Rockne given as a gift to Reagan at the end of his term in recognition of his role in the movie Knut Rockne – All American, playing George Gipp. “

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