What We [Will] Have Lost

Dallas is only beginning to come to a reckoning on the true costs of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

The Dallas Morning News brings us a roll-call of soon-to-be dead retail, doomed when the Park Plaza Shopping Center is flattened to make room for Bush and the world of swank he brings to Southern Methodist University.

bush-la-madeleine.jpg A culinary landmark of sorts will go with the closure of La Madeleine’s original location, filling America’s need for vaguely, plausibly “hearty” French food since 1982. Another landmark under threat is Pokey O’s pokeyos_red_tin1.jpg cookie/ice-cream parlour, whose web site holds out hope of a franchise near you, someday.

Another tenant facing eviction is the Dallas Flower Mart. flower-mart-inc.gif Now we may never know what the place looked like.

Be sure to send their “Greater Gloryftd-greater-glory.jpg arrangement to those about to die that the Bush Library might live.

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