Shelve This!

Checked Out bush-laura-first-ladies-coloring-book-library-reading.jpg

Now both Bush libraries may face the voter’s wrath.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library coming to Southern Methodist University remains under attack by Methodist church members. They hope to force a vote at a July church conference, overturning the church-linked school’s decision to accept the Library.

Everything Appeared In Order bush-laura-library-dedication.jpg

Now a candidate has emerged to challenge the Texas Westbank Community Library District’s naming of a new branch for First Librarian Laura Bush.

Weak Branch? bush-lauars-library.jpg

The Austin Chronicle reports that disgruntled local veteran Alan Roddy has filed for the board’s May election, forcing their first vote since 2001. Roddy is lowering expectations in advance of the contest, while threatening to become a permanent part of the Bush Legacy:


“I’ll make them have an election every year. … That’s my victory.”

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