Endurence Test

So Much For That bush-ford-coffin.jpg

“President Ford’s time in office was brief, but history will long remember the courage and common sense that helped restore trust in the workings of our democracy.”

George W. Bush at the Ford Funeral

Remember The Time Of Healing? Part of the Ford Era magic was cleaning up various CIA scandals from the 50s, 60s and 70s, stories which emerged as the empire went aground in Vietnam.

Ford was eager to move on, as contemporary obscurists say, and part of his method of heading off Congressional inquiries into past assassinations and the like was creation of the august Intelligence Oversight Board, worthies above party to peek under the intelligence covers in a non-threatening manner.

And Smoke It! ford-pipe-smoking.jpg

The Bush Administration is putting a stop to that foolishness, issuing an executive order killing the Board’s power to refer matters to the Justice Department, and freeing Inspector Generals from the Board’s meddling.

The Republic Endures!

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