Our House

It’s Beige! bush-oval-office.jpg

Architectural Digest features a loving farewell to the Bush’s transformation of the White House into the House of Beige, and yet another front in George W. Bush’s lifelong struggle with his dad.

“We knew what he wanted,” says the First Lady. “We knew he wanted it to be a sunny office that showed an optimist worked there.” In the middle of the rug she and [designer Kenneth] Blasingame affixed the presidential seal, then added rays that shoot off it like the rays of the sun.”

They might also be seen as a nod to the first guys who tried to kill Bush’s Dad japanesewarflag1.jpg – Japanese fighter pilots in World War II.

Not to defend the Clinton look, clinton-oval-office.jpg but Bush’s color scheme lacks, er, color.

“The president wanted his office to be fresh,” says Blasingame, “and we changed its colors. The drapes are almost a bronzy color, and the walls are ecru. Ecru is the color of parchment, and it has a crisp quality.” The same clean and crisp color was later used in another room in which presidents conduct business—the Cabinet Room. The Vermeil Room across the hall …a neutral color, ecru again.”

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