Less Ted, Still Dead?

Stuffed roosevelt-t-bear-glasses.jpg

Opponents of the proposed Oyster Bay Long Island Theodore Roosevelt museum call the trim, new look museum proposal a mess still. TheSaveFiremansFieldians look at the numbers, and say cutting the Roosevelt’s size a non-response to the real questions.

“The fact of the new “scaled back” version of the TR Museum does nothing to change the fact that the Firemen’s Field site in Oyster Bay is approached by only two lane roads from a perimeter area of 5 miles. How will the little Hamlet of Oyster Bay be able to handle all that traffic. After first indicating the museum would attract 500,000 visitors a year, the Theodore Roosevelt Association has now scaled back that projection to just 100,000 visitors a year, in a vein attempt to make the proposal more attractive to the hamlet. Even 100,000 visitors would swamp our little community, but the fact is that the original figure of 500,000 – at LEAST that – is far more accurate.”

And the Field Savers aren’t standing still. They’ve invaded the myspace, with the stirring cry,

Groups and individuals with parking concerns should join with us to defend the field.”

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