Commandos in Chief

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GunsAmerica is taking the bold step of evoking That Kennedy Mystiquetrademark.gif in order to sell guns. For a mere $295,00.00 you may own the gun that lost the West.

…Without a doubt the most famous and most documented Armalite/Colt M16 in existence, serial no 106 manufactured in 1959 (the 7th production gun) and of course the earliest known gun to exist. Yes, this is the gun that Gen Curtis LeMay shot the coconuts and melons with at the cocktail party and then turned to the Cooper-McDonald rep and said,”I want 10,000 of them and I want them yesterday!”. It is said this gun was also shot by Pres Kennedy (off the Presidential Yacht), Batista, MacNamarra, Diem, and a host of other important people. Traveling to Viet Nam twice, its history is part of America’s History, and I feel there is no other gun in existence as important as this firearm – at least as far as 20th century military firearms are concerned.”

From “It is said” to “I feel” they are giving themselves some wiggle room on the storied history they present. And they need it.

Kennedy is reported to have had two M16s, but Batista fled Havana on New Years Day 1959, and would be unlikely to need an M16 in exile.

Something about Guns ‘N Presidents shoots the facts all to hell. An auctioneer recently sold a pistol supposedly once owned by Richard Nixon, with a myth of origin thats false on it’s face.


From James D. Julia Auctioneers:

“Very rare cased engraved Colt 3rd Model London Dragoon, call 44, SN13 (cylinder replaced), originally belonging at one time to former President Richard Nixon. (Paul Sorrell Collection) Sold for $74,750… Paul had been told when he purchased the gun that it had originally come from a young lawyer by the name of Richard Nixon who later went on to become President of the United States. The details of which Julia discovered just before the sale. Sometime in the 1950’s, a Swedish gunsmith while in New York got a moving traffic violation. He went to the Nixon law firm to handle the matter, and in a later personal conversation with Nixon, Nixon discovered that he was a gun enthusiast; he took him back to his apartment and virtually gave him this rare gun as a gift.”

Except for the fact that in the 50s Nixon was a Senator then Vice President, not living in New York, and not practicing law, it all could be true. Or so I’m told.

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