“The Great Conservative God, Ronald Reagan”

Tear Down This Myth! reagan-chips-at-berlin-wall.jpg

From blogs4mccain comes a novelty:

attacking the cult of Ronald Reagan because it is a weapon false conservatives use to attack one of our greatest Presidents, George W. Bush. bush-backdrop-mount-rushmore.jpg

What follows is but a small taste, and I can’t follow the argument, but I applaud the effort. Or at least the typing involved.

“No matter how hard our demagogue conservatives have tried to destroy George W. Bush he is still the same Texas Cowboy. The conservative agenda has failed to deter a man who has governed far more conservatively than Reagan ever did….In order to maintain control of their cult followers, they have created this mythology of Reagan. It is a growing cult, one that has been carefully manipulated and cultivated has begun to explode into the conservative monolith of The Great Conservative God, Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately the truth is something very different. This is a “god” who gave us less than perfect “conservative” SCOTUS justices, yet he is cherished, his myth nurtured while George W. Bush is reviled for his less than perfect conservative record. He must be reviled and criticized at every possible turn. He must be taught that to venture toward a successful GOP Presidency is to possibly thwart the cult of Reagan. A successful Republican Presidency simply must not be allowed.”

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