Forever Reagan

The Sticky End reagan-jelly-beans.gif

Temecula California moves at it’s own peculiar rhythms.

The town fathers will mark Ronald Reagan’s birthday today as shall we all, distributing jelly beans to the hungry children.

But there’s more.They have tied the day to the ongoing fundraising for a suitable monument to Reagan, stretching and time-shifting his slim local connection into an enduring love affair.

The Time-line

1968: Reagan bought land in Tenaja, about 13 miles up the road from Temecula.

1979: Reagan sold the land for subdividing into “ranchettes.”

late 70s: Temecula builds a town “sportpark.”

1983: Reagan salutes spunky Temecula’s can do sportparking in a speech to the US Olympic Committee.

2004: Reagan dies.

2005: Retrospectively grateful to have once been noticed [if not visited] by a President, Temecula names the “sportpark” for Reagan.

2005-Present: Fundraising to build this handsome number reagan-temecula-sportpark.jpg

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