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America’s tradition of welcoming clapped out and out of power leaders remains strong.

bush-and-howard.jpg Australia’s recently bounced Prime Minister John Howard is the latest beneficiary of our open door to the defeated, “welcomed into the conservatives’ mosh pit like an ageing rock star”according to the Sidney Morning Herald.

His tour is sponsored by major Bush donor Mel Sembler, and includes a trip to the Bush Library in College Station.

Howard also gives the “Irving Kristol address” to an American Enterprise Institute dinner in Washington. The event is perhaps America’s most distinguished award named for a former Trotskyite, and a goal for Christopher Hitchens to shoot for. The Herald describes this as a “nationally televised event,” true if you count CSPAN.

The saucy Aussie will join the long line of homeless former Bush allies in our political rest home. bush-aznar.jpg Former Spanish Prime Minster Aznar joined Rupert Murdoch’s board, and is installed at Georgetown University. There he teaches alongside former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, another bounced Bush buddy. bush-aznar-kwasniewski.jpg

The tanned former Stalinist was especially close to President Bush. bush-kwasniewsk.jpg

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