Wile Willie Wonders Why Weagan Weren’t

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Former San Francisco Mayor and California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown is telling tales again. His story is that the 90s term limits initiative might have been defeated in California, and he keep his Sacramento Speaker job, if voters had heard that former President Ronald Reagan opposed term limits.

Term limits entered the Republican cannon in the 90s after the successful demonetization of Brown. They offered a blunt weapon to defeat incumbent Democrats whose stubborn election victories defied the march of history, as GOPites read the tablets.

Inconveniently for today’s Republicans, the beloved Ronald Reagan opposed term limits.

Brown is peddling his autobiography, and tells a tale of a last minute political mailing that might have turned it all around. It would have featured Reagan’s opposition. But Brown was peddled this story in 2007 as well, and the story then featured the same denial by the Democrat’s mailing coordinator that the letter ever existed, and the same lack of any visible effort to check with the Reagan Library or Nancy Reagan.

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