SMU Students for the Advancement of Time

Just Do It bush-america-forward.jpg

They’ve moved beyond anger to angry resignation at Southern Methodist University, and the SMU Daily Campus just wants their long university nightmare to end.

From their editorial “Enough is Enough“.

“It’s like we are stuck in a horrible time warp where nothing is being done but we have to keep pretending that the Bushes could pack up their books and go elsewhere.

They aren’t. No one else wants the library at this point. Or the Bushes for that matter.

For better or worse, it will be at SMU.

So just end the needless suspense. Get it over with. Build the stage, inflate the balloons, bake the cake and get the shiny shovels out of storage for another groundbreaking ceremony.

Do it and do it now before SMU becomes as big a joke as the president is.”


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