Your Reagan Day Roundup

Memories Are Made of This presidential-cufflinks.jpg

Maryland State Senators are mobilizing to make Ronald Reagan Day a beloved state tradition every February 6th, and they are straining for personal anecdotes.

Senator Roy Dyson is a former Congressman bumped down to the minors. He told legislators a touching tale of Reagan gift cuff-links, but the effect was diminished by Dyson’s sloth.

“I have a pair of cufflinks, he gave them to me and asked me to give them to my father who was dying that year,” said Roy Dyson, who brought the slightly rusty cufflinks to show the committee but forgot them in his car.”

reagan-and-superman.jpg Virginia too looks ahead. The House of Delegates voted for a state Ronald Reagan Day, with a single dissenting vote. The reward for Delegate Lionell Spruill was to be mocked by family values Republicans for sponsoring a bill to prohibit motorists demonstrating their manhood by hanging rubber testicles beneath their vehicles.

Georgia is also addressing the loss of America’s Presidenttrademark4.gif. The Georgia Senate voted for a lengthy resolution crediting the late communicator with all things sunny and bright, with a shout out last clause alerting the fount of naming-anything-stationary-and-some-that-aren’t for Reagan, Grover Norquist:

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project.”

Delaware too has fallen to the forces of infectious optimism, and the Wisconsin House passed a resolution with some dissent. With Reaganesque inattention to detail.

“Despite all the rhetoric, no one in that hallowed chamber pointed out that the resolution was to recognize “Feb. 6, 2007″ as Reagan day.”

01/30/07 Update:

Dover Delaware joins the parade.

Utah pauses to remember, although they seem a little uncertain:

He seemed to speak with passion…

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