As He Was, So Shall He Always Be

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We all stand on the shoulders of giants. but now Rush Limbaugh is working with material generated by the Edward R. Morrow of AM TV morons, Steve Doocy. doocy-head-w-phone.jpg

The Dooc unleashed Newt Gingrich to bring his searching intelligence to bear on the death of Santa, or Ronald Reagan.

“DOOCY: Some comments you made over the weekend I heard replayed on Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Is it true, sir, that you think that the Ronald Reagan era is over in America?

GINGRICH: That’s just objectively a fact.

Prompting outrage from Keeper of the Flame Rush Limbaugh, who explains that Reaganism is Leninism to his many listeners:

“Policies and ideas are two different things. Policies emanate from government. Ideas are what you take to people, and they hear and process the ideas, and then things happen, and the American people make things happen. Capitalism, the American people engaging in commerce, that’s the single greatest agent of change in this country, not what happens in Washington. Well, they can change things, but it’s not great.…The era, the Reagan era, is not over because conservatism is not over. If the Reagan coalition is dead, what replaced it? Somebody tell me that. Nothing has replaced it and that’s why so many people are scratching their heads, why so many people are a little nervous because there isn’t any real leadership out there that causes people, inspires people to get behind it, go rah-rah, and make certain things happen. That’s what’s missing. Reaganism is leadership. Reaganism is conservatism. It’s not a personality cult.”

In short:

Vanguard brings enlightenment to the masses, who incorporate it into their daily practice. And while exemplary revolutionary personalities are necessary to advance, it is not a personality cult. lenin-stalin.jpg

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