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bush-fire.jpg Arson Investigation[Simulation]

Sleepless In Midland” gets all crime scene investigatory on the Bush home arson.

The blogger seems to believe they found the source of the crime:

bush-fire-vshape.jpg “V” for Victory?

“…notice the “V” shape of the fire damage on the wall to the left of the front door suggesting that the heat spread upward from a point on the porch. And you can also see a charred spot on the cement porch that could be the spot where the fire investigators thought the fire originated. So one possible assumption is that an accelerant was poured on the cement porch and set ablaze. But a chemical analysis would be necessary to confirm that.”

Even as a long time fan of blurry grassy knoll action kennedy-playing-with-mooreman.jpg I have to confess I don’t see it.

For the Bush arson completist, the blog does provide a thoughtful link to the town’s press release regarding the fire.

Other Citizen-Journalists share their views.

In other Presidential Hot Spots, the Richard M. Nixon Recreational Center in Hyden Kentucky has had a boiler room fire. nixon-rec-center.jpg

The Rec Center’s 1978 dedication was the scene of one of Nixon’s first public outings nixon-hyden-ky-rec-center-dedication.jpg after his resignation, visiting the federal fund-loving mountain Republicans of the obscure hamlet.

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