Who’s That Knocking At Your Door?

bush-signing-document.jpg Watch Me!

President Bush has lost a round in his quest to achieve magic invisibility.

Bush claims that White House visitor logs are doublesupersecret Presidential documents. The Secret Service creates the logs but then somehow whisks them into the Administration’s man-sized safes, where it is hoped they will lie still for all eternity. watergate-tape-storage.jpg

A federal judge has ruled that the Secret Service can’t claim not to own the records and must therefore produce them.

bush-ask-white-house.jpg Bush had drawn the Secret Service into his scheme, the Agency checks in guests before passing any records to the White House. And destroying the Agency’s own copy.

Army of Shadows bush-white-house-guests.jpg

The judge’s ruling on other issues ropes in yet another federal agency. The judge held that he could not stop the Secret Service from destroying their records, but he ruled that the Archivist of the United States will have to sign off on any document destruction.

Over to you, Alan Weinstein, seeker of truth.

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