The End of the Affair

British Conservatives Look Back in Anger reagan-coffin-thatcher.jpg

It ain’t just disgruntled Labour supporters in Britain who dislike the current US president.

British Conservative blogger Ian Dale has polled his largely Conservative readership on ranking US Presidents since World War II. It’s not a scientific poll, but even these hardened fans of the smack of firm government view Bush the Younger as a walking disaster.

The rankings:
Franklin D Roosevelt +67
Dwight Eisenhower +59
Harry Truman +53
Ronald Reagan +50
John F Kennedy +40
Bill Clinton + 20
George Bush Snr -4
Lyndon Johnson -19
Gerald Ford -20
Jimmy Carter -40
Richard Nixon -42
George W Bush -48

Proof that Conrad Black is not a crank? rooselvet-smiling.jpg

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