Washington Post: Recycling Others/Ignoring Their Own Stories


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The Washington Post has returned once more to the Clinton Library, with a willfully obtuse roundup of the usual crimes:

Did You Know He Collected Arab Money?

Let us certify that fundraising for these entities is, was, and shall forever be a scandal and a shame upon the nation,

That said, the Post largely recycles The New York Sun’s three-year old discovery of names, nations and amounts.

Then it’s on to the Clinton as a campaign issue, and one strong voice:

“Obama has introduced legislation that would require disclosure of all contributions to presidential libraries, including Clinton’s, and Congress has actively debated such a proposal. Unlike campaign donations, money given to presidential libraries is often done with limited or no disclosure.”

True as far as it goes, but with enough information left out to bend reality. Obama is not alone in this. The House has passed a bill, as has the relevant Senate Committee after Republican quibling. In the end the Houses may split on this, as they have in the past. Obama’s support, while a fine thing, did pretty much jack to move the bill.

The Post revisits the greatest Clinton hits yesterday and today.

They resurrect the Louie Freeh’s tale that Clinton passed up asking the Saudis about the Khobar Towers investigation in order to hit them up for Library cash. But the Post itself reported that Freeh wasn’t at the meeting he claimed to have heard this at.

While dissing the Clinton Library for not disclosing donors, including the ever-festering wound that is Marc Rich, they paint the Bush Library as almost an open book by contrast:

“Except for a few donors who asked to remain anonymous, the Bush contributors have been named publicly, and the names of the largest among them are either chiseled into a wall or onto the bricks of a walkway at the library in Texas.”

One exception being the million dollars crazed Korean Holy Man, felon, and seer, the Reverand Sun Myung Moon moon-arms-raised.jpg funneled the Bush Library in secret.

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