Top Ten Presidential Holiday Gifts



Christmas is a special season at the White House. Won’t you join the search for America’s best Presidential gifts?






Most Wonderful Time!














For only $150.00 you can get this handsome Baccarat paperweight. It features Woodrow Wilson looking for all the world like the President-For-Life of a former Soviet republic.





Often mocked, never bettered, the Nixon birthplace birdhouse. A classic at $45.00




Vice Presidents before Dick Cheney often felt slighted and ignored, and were forced to find themselves something to do. In tribute to those dark days, the United States Vice Presidential Museum offers this Dan Quayle shot glass. $3.77.


lincoln-nightlight.jpg He may belong now to the ages, but he can still help tuck you in at night. The Lincoln Nightlight, $27.50.


reagan-first-lady-pill-box.jpg A sly dig at Betty Ford’s addictions? On offer for $24.95 in the Reagan Library’s “Nancy Reagan’s favorites” gift section, the First Lady Purse Pill Box. It can be a headache to be first lady. This silver pill box helps you find the right remedy ever-so-elegantly


davis-confederate-christmamas.jpg Because repeating “um, you lost,” won’t silence Confederate apologists, $12.00 gets you ten Christmas cards and envelopes with this touching Christmas scene of the Jeff Davis family from the “Confederate White House.”


harding-wide.jpg An undistinguished presidency yields endearingly odd sports apparel from Bridgeport Connecticut’s Warren Harding High School. $21.99 or multiple variations at similar prices.



nixon-2doll.JPG For $40.00, a talking Nixon doll with some explaining to do.


taft-patch-no-nickname.jpg “No Nickname”? Because “America’s Fattest President” couldn’t fit on a patch? Yours for only $4.27.

bush-pillow.jpg You’ll accept no substitute for victory over sleeplessness with this 18″ square Commander in Chief throw pillow! President Bush has never looked so butch, and you’ll never feel more comfortable. For $18.99 you can take your pillow with you on trips like El Jefe does!


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