Study Haul

white-house-studies-header.jpg Exploring the history of past Chief Executives – what could be more wholesome?

But it’s hard to maintain a sense of the dignity of the office when there seem to be multiple successive versions of White House Studies online.

The oldest seems to be this one. The news section appears to have died in 2001.

Everything goes terribly wrong when bad links happen to good people. They appear to want this guy, but the link they have up is Not Safe For Work, to say the least.

This version seems to have stalled in 2004, but wisely left it’s links page blank.

I think this is the correct current page.

The straightforward page name is a path to junk – is a pile of ads. And of course there is, legendarily a porn site, but now is just miscellaneous crap with some links to the actual White House site.

Drive Twarted?

johnson-car-water.jpg What Would Lyndon Drive?

The National Park Service faces a dilemma.

LBJ Ranch visitors have always had to park and load unto buses, which would take them to the big house. Visitors are declining, and his ranch office opens for the birth centenary in August. The Austin American-Statesman reports that the Park Service and the Johnson family want to let visitors drive onto the ranch to boost numbers. But former Ranch staffers, led by a former NPS Chief Historian say cars will compromise the park’s historic integrity.

Where the hell did Reagan Road come from? johnson-ranch.jpg

Presidential Museums – the Must Have Urban Accessory


The Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce says the town needs a vision, and one key to putting it all together is …..brace yourself….A PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM!

richmond-vision.jpg Sadly, Richmond At The Crossroads is silent on exactly which president[s] to museum- ize.


Make increasing tourism a major priority by [1] developing the James River, [2]
building a presidential museum and monument to religious freedom, and [3]
enhancing the convention center with surrounding night life and public safety.”

They’ve got a couple at hand.richmond-monroe-tombtyler-statue.jpg

richmond-jefferson-davis-statue.jpgThe problem may lie in keeping these guys at bay.

The Ghost Who Walks

Unstoppable! nixon-go-back.jpg

The New Nixon brings word that Richard Nixon may be among the questioners for Wednesday’s CNN/YouTube Republican candidate debate.

CNN threatens to provide us with both fun and poignancy.


Alabama Answers

Reagan: The Lost Years reagan-storm-warning-the-kiss-of-a-klansman.jpg

The Alabama Anniston Star editorial page looks at the Krugman/Brooks/Crespino/others not mentioned back and forth on Reagan and racism, and comes down with the dog whistling camp.

“Imagine the good a leader like Reagan could have done with his powerful skills of persuasion if he had spoken out forcefully against racism. Given that he chose another course, we’ll never know.”

Anniston knows racism. The town was the site of a hot 1961 encounter between Freedom Riders and the Klan. anniston-bus-in-flames.jpg