Some Time Later,Lincoln’s Death Foretold!

lincoln-sotos1.jpglincoln-sotos2.jpg Thirteen Months Wear & Tear…Or Something More Ominous?

The Washington Post reports on a new theory for various oddities in Lincoln’s appearance and his maladies: he was a walking dead man.

Doctor John G. Sotos has written a book theorising that Lincoln suffered from an extremely rare genetic syndrome know as MEN 2B, which likely would have killed him with cancer.

In the course of discussing whether DNA testing of his genetic material would answer Lincoln’s medical mysteries the Post provides a handy guide to the relics of Father Abraham.
lincoln-national-museum-of-health-and-medicine.jpg The National Museum of Health and Medicine at Walter Reed in Washington has a skull fragments, hair and bloody clothing. lincoln-probe-skull-fragments.gif

lincoln-fords-theatre-americas-most-famous-theatree.gifFord’s Theatre has bloody clothing, pillows and towels.

And The Chicago History Museum lincoln-the-chicago-history-museum.jpg has Lincoln’s death bed with mattress and bloody bottom sheet.

Death Bed: Room for Abe & Pals Version lincoln-death-bed-illustration.jpg

Time Traveled in Vain? superman-booth-lincoln.jpg


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