Seen At The Crime

kennedy-post-card-dealey.gif Deal-y Plaza

All manner of Kennedy odds and ends are coming to market in time for Thursday’s 40th anniversary of the assassination.

kennedy-grassy-knoll.jpg The latest up: a Polaroid taken by Mary Ann Moorman,

showing Kennedy’s car in the midst of the shooting, with the grassy knoll visible in the background.



[here she is third from the left, taking the picture] kennedy-moorman-taking-picture.jpg

The picture had been at the 6th Floor museum in Dallas, and has figured in all manner of theories about the assassination. Blown up fragments of the photo have been mined for images that could possibly be a shooter or shooters – hence a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Some science supports the multiple gunmen thesis.

An attempt to sell the photo in April seems to have not worked out. Perhaps anniversary mojo will carry them over the top this time.

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