Mr. President, Put Up That Wall!

clinton-entrance-library.jpg Your Name Here

The Clinton Foundation goes from strength to strength, raising $135 million last year, up 70% from 2005. The Foundation has paid off debts incurred building the Clinton Library, although it owes $1.9 million on a loan to renovate the Library gift shop. clinton-museum-store.jpg

Like all not-for-profits, the foundation reports income, not donors. Plans were different once:

“Officials said when Clinton’s presidential library opened in 2004 that it would include a wall recognizing contributors. So far, that wall has not been installed.”

If you were a wall, what would you be?

What we know of Clinton’s Library donors comes largely from Josh Gerstein in the New York Sun. When the Library opened he found a computer terminal on an upper library floor with donor information. The terminal has since been yanked.

If the wall of names ever rises it would include Steven Spielberg, the Saudi royals, the King of Morocco, and the governments of Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, and Taiwan.

Papa Bush’s Library has some big donors’ names displayed, many of them the same governments and access seekers as Clinton’s. But there is no overall disclosure, and Bush’s foundation is squirrely with names and numbers too. According to the Dallas Morning News,”Only five major donors and four minor ones asked to remain anonymous, said Roman Popadiuk, executive director of the Bush library foundation in College Station… “We never hid who donates,” he said. “Some donors want to be anonymous. Others for privacy reasons just don’t want it advertised how much they give.”

Sometimes anonymity helps the recipient as well.

moon.jpg God, Prophet and Washington Times impresario the Reverend Sun Myung Moon wasn’t satisfied paying Bush senior for some appearances, so he disguised a million dollar donation to the Bush Library by funneling it through the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

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