Paper View


The Washington Post today has an editorial today [“Records Under Wraps – Hillary Clinton’s White House papers would be tied up even if she released them“] which is a rarity in coverage and commentary on the story. It addresses the real issue and the real need: Bush finagling on access to Presidential papers and lack of staff to process what documents make it through the mill.

“….even if Mr. Clinton today asked the National Archives to release confidential communications between him and the former first lady, disclosure could still be years away. That’s because the six archivists at the Clinton library would have to sift through — by hand — more than 138 million pages in 36,000 boxes. And that’s after they respond on a first-come-first-served basis to 287 pending Freedom of Information Act requests”

bush-signing.jpg Meanwhile, an Administration with a proven record of concealment and slipshod handling of it’s papers is now under federal court order not to destroy backup tapes for emails, millions of which may be missing. bush-nsa-email-graphic.jpg

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