The Widow Speaks


What do you serve the Sultan of Oman and his enormous entourage for dinner? Who should sit next to a foreign dignitary who doesn’t speak a word of English? Why is it that there is always less silverware at the end of a state dinner than you had when the night began?

What is the audience for books asking such questions?

We’re about to find out. In the wake of her old clothes show at the Reagan Library, America’s Widow is collaborating on a tome promising to answer these urgent needs.

“Entertaining at the White House with Nancy Reagan” hurtles us back to that magical time, when a pre-comeback John Travolta reagan-travolta-dancing-with-princess-diana-in-1985.jpg danced with Princess Di in the East Room, when triangular trade in weapons and hostages between the US, Nicaragua and Iran could seem to be a ‘pretty good idea.” Anything seemed possible!

Apparently the White House had been overrun by hippies and hillbillies, and FFL Nancy Reagan cleared the stables.

“Mrs. Reagan embraced this role with a unique energy and joie de vivre rare among her predecessors, and she has been waiting for the right moment in history to share her stories.”

Lest we forget… clinton-an-invitation-to-the-white-house.jpg

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