Let the Healing Begin!


The parallels are haunting, if Richard Nixon had been living under house arrest at his Presidential Library/Hacienda until word of the pardon came. And if Gerald Ford had needed more military backing than Alexander Hague to take power.

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo pardoned Joseph Estrada, who’s Vice President she had been. Estrada is sort of the Ronald Reagan of the Philippines,estrada-rpg.jpg only more Charles Bronsonish. estradafilm.jpg

And if Reagan had been running spies in the White House in retirement.

He’s been living rough at his “ranch” estrada-home.jpg building a Presidential Library,which Estrada says is

Reagan-inspired. estrada-museum.jpg

It has the usual: a recreation of his office, grave to be, snapshots with Clinton and Mandela.

Estrada says it all comes back to Ronald Reagan:

“If a Hollywood grade-B actor can become a US President, a grade-A Filipino actor like me can do it better.”

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