Not New Reagan, New Reagan Things

reagan-ky-highway.jpg They are feeling the freedom in Lewis County Kentucky.

Governor Ernie “Not Currently Under Investigation” Fletcher and local dignitaries were on hand for the dedication of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Parkway.

This proud addition to the Ever Expanding Things Named Reagan Galaxy runs from an industrial park [hence the Parkway part?] to a highway. It’s touted as economic development, and as support for the 120 current jobs in the industrial park. Or at a cost of $10.3 million, about $110,000 a job. There’s Reagan Spirit in action!

How did the Bluegrass State fare in the reign of Reagan? His Administration let it rip on strip mining coal, limited access to compensation for Black Lung, and cut safety enforcement at underground mines.

“Wednesday’s ceremony was completed with the Lewis County High School Band and its rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home.” Onlookers of the ceremony could be heard wondering if this day was a sign of their new Kentucky home.”

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