Halloween Hail To The Chief

bush-pumpkin-halloween.jpg A spectre is haunting the Presidency. Or two of them. pumpkin-be-scary.jpg

Tales of presidential ghosts, just in time for the candy filled delights of Halloween. The McClatchy-Tribune News Service tells the tale of a John F. Kennedy rocker which keeps creaking at Yosemite’s Ahwahnee Hotel kennedy-ahwahnee-hotel-ghosts.jpg

“When President John F. Kennedy stayed on the third floor in 1962, a rocking chair was placed in his room so he could rock and help alleviate his chronic back pain. After Kennedy’s death, housekeepers began reporting seeing a chair rocking slowly in the room where the president had stayed — even though the room hasn’t been furnished with a rocking chair since Kennedy’s visit.”

Elsewhere, Britannica Blog points to strange doings in Yorba Linda:

“Shortly after Nixon was entombed on the grounds in 1994, a night watchman reported seeing a luminous green mist over the president’s grave. nixon-grave-stone.jpg He also heard tapping sounds emanating from an exhibit room”

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