Card Shucked

Clinton Library Takes A Stand

Lame-ass joke cards declined, new era of taste in offing?

The Clinton Presidential Library shop has declined to stock the 2008 edition of Politicards, playing cards with big headed caricatures. And jokes!

Oh how we’ll laugh at yet another portrayal of Hillary Clinton as a ball buster. clinton-card.jpg

clinton-card-artist.jpg Peter Green claims to be a formerly liberal libertarian conservative who engages in “gently roasting each character with a non-partisan blend of comedy and insight.”

It’s like the Capitol Steps in stiff paper form!

The artist tries to assure us he has no point of view. “I can’t take a position politically…My position is to draw attention to the issue and the candidates . . . and definitely not take it too seriously.”

Hats off to the Clinton Library for joining with the other Presidential Libraries by dumping this drek, for whatever motives.

Taste is not assured however. We will always be haunted by their ghastly taste in music.

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