Wind From The East


He corresponds with ordinary citizens by email, and actually lives on his ranch. The ranch is home to his Presidential Library, inspired by fellow thespian-politician Ronald Reagan.

But this former President can’t leave home. He’s under house detention. And running spies in the White House.

estrada-mug-shot.jpg Former Philippine President and action star Joseph Estrada is popularly known as ERAP. He’s confined to his ranch, appealing his conviction on corruption charges. His films portrayed him as a sort of Filipino everyman. Jokes about him litter the Internet. His term was interrupted by a 2001 soft coup after impeachment efforts failed, and prosecutors have pursued him for crimes in office. He is suspected of ties to counter coup plotters.

Two spies who funneled information from Vice President Cheney’s office to Estrada and other Philippine opposition figures were sentenced to six and ten year terms.

Estrada says his presidential library and museum was inspired by a pilgrimage to Simi Valley, and his too features his film career and an enourmous bronze statue of himself.

Competing with his attraction is the better known Imelda Marcos shoe collection.marcos-shows.jpg

Estrada’s Vice President succeeded him and still serves, and is now flirting with a Fordist wound healing pardon.

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