Lost In America


Road Trip!

What happens when some college kids with dim memories of history and poli sci class try to use the miricle of the Web to get strangers to pay for a meandering journey across this broad land?

Let’s go along and find out!

“What: A journey into the heart of America, to see American places and meet American people.
Where: Wherever the heart of America can be found, we’ll be there. wild-boys-of-the-road.jpg
When: August 25th, 2007 to December 25th, 2007
Why: (*Blues Brothers voice*) “We’re on a mission from God”
[Click the link and be dumbstruck!],

or to find ourselves, to find America and to find Americans.

How: With a Ford Expedition, some money in our pockets, and your help!”

The youngsters have web pages, blogs, product placement opportunities, contributers, a twitter presence:

…..and nothing to say:

“American presidential libraries are always a great repository of American history because the President of America is always the symbolic leader of the nation during both times of peace and war as well as the symbolic leader during times of prosperity or a down economy. When we take our Journey Into the Heart of America road trip next fall it will not be possible to stop by every presidential library in the country but maybe we can hit up a few on the list below. For me (mike) as a recent graduate of political science I hope to really reconnect with my American history to remember where our country has come from so I can understand where we are headed.”Or something.

They provide links to US Presidents’ sites [only the nice ones – no losers!] and an appeal to the participatory interactive communityness that is web 2.0: “In addition to the rankings I have included links to information about how to visit each of the presidential landmarks while on a road trip. No matter what president’s party is, I’m sure each of these libraries would be very interesting. Let me know what you think!”

No visible point of view, just a vague invocation of “history.” Their place in history is to pay admission to museums.

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