Library Lady

clinton-blogs-for-hillary.jpgThe LA Times reports that many of those panting for Hillary Clinton documents from the Clinton Library will remain breathless for a considerable time.clinton-anti-1.gif

This is presented as something of a novelty. And the other girls make Hillary look bad:

“About 75,000 pages of Rosalynn Carter’s records are publicly available, including scheduling and social office files. Both the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush libraries also said that some records covering former first ladies Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush were open”

The article does portray Library archivists working through the mountain of FOIA requests in the order received, with the aching slowness of the process attributed to staff shortages at the Clinton and all US President’s libraries.

clinton-stop-her-now.jpgBut the flag goes up, and the usual suspects snap to with ominous muttering and rote denunciations of the liberal hypocrisy which somehow caused National Archive staff to decline under President Bush. Even sports bores rush to inform the world of her crimes. clinton-stop-hillary-pac.jpg


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