Carter Thwarting Reagan’s Legacy?



reagan-liberian.jpg Don’t let the Regan Legacy-ists hear, but there may be no Presidential dollar coin for Reagan.

reagan-medallion.jpg According to the Fayette Observer, it’s all about Jimmy Carter’s refusal to leave the scene.

reagan-quarter.jpg Coining Reagan may be twarted by the interaction of two laws.

The Observer reports that under current statutes, “a president must be dead at least two years before he can be featured on a U.S. bill or coin. The current dollar-coin program requires that the presidents be featured in the order they served. Skipping isn’t allowed. So if Jimmy Carter lives to at least 2014 — he’d be 89 — he won’t make it to a coin in this program since his would be due out in 2016.”

Result: Reagan shutout.

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