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America, your need for Oval Office Reproduction will not be denied!oval-kennedy-tourists.jpg

Coming soon to Oyster Bay New York, Washington DC, Cambridge Massachusetts, or some berg they can persuade to front the cash, it’s another Presidential Museum!

“Newsday” previews the relentless action:

holig.jpg “It will be a museum where visitors can enter Theodore Roosevelt’s White House Oval Office and witness holographic advisers arguing his options during various crises before seeing how the 26th president handled them.”

Which will be all the more impressive since the Oval Office was only created after Roosevelt left office, under William Howard Taft.

Planners envision something on the order of 80,000 to 100,000 square feet. To give you some perspective, the yet to be built Bush Library is only slated to run 145,000 square feet.

Theodore Roosevelt Association President James Bruns tells “Newsday” that the nation cries out: “The museum sort of rights the wrong that there is no one place that really highlights Theodore Roosevelt’s contributions to the United States and the world.”

And for only fifty to one hundred million this grievous wrong can be corrected. The Association boasts that they are part way there, with twelve people pledging $10,000 each.

Only a few tens of millions to go!

Look for the Teddyists making a virtue of virtualness to their hoped for half million annual visitors, since they’ll have nothing. Harvard and the Library of Congress have his papers, and the museum may be reduced to

operating a high end “Build a Bear” outlet. build-a-bear-truck.gif

tweed-roosevelt.jpg“Boss” Tweed Roosevelt wants his great granddaddy’s museum in Anytown USA.

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