Everything’s Coming Up Nixon!

The Washington Post reports[2nd item] that Richard Nixon’s former DC home at 4308 Forest Lane in “fashionable Wesley Heights” has sold for $4.5 million.

The Nixon’s lived there for his second term as Vice President, selling up and leaving town after the 1960 election loss.

4308_forest_lane_nw-nixon-house.jpg There’s been renovation, but don’t worry, “Pat Nixon’s fruitwood cabinetry is intact“!

Jerry Ford is also seeing action in deceased Presidential real estate circles. The Denver Post reports the ominous signs of a possible house museum taking shape in the Colorado mountains.

California real estate developer Kevin Hayes bought the Ford’s Colorado property in December, “signing the contract hours before the 38th president died.” He says “It’ll always be the Gerald Ford home.” But it isn’t the Vail property you may recall from blurry seventies video from Ford’s presidency. The new property was bought by our most athletic President after the loss to Carter.

Hayes threatens to live there with various oddities he purchased at last weekend’s Ford-a-rama auction…

…including the former Chief Executive’s personal X-ray machine.xray-specs.gif

Previous home radiological enthusiasts in the news have included deposed Hollywood strongman Michael Ovitz, but Ovitz was never credited with healing a nation.

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