The Ford museum is to acquire a bench from which to contemplate his grave, while a great 19th century Abolitionist’s statue may be bounced from Capitol Hill to make room for President What Exactly.

America’s least elected Chief Executive continues his steady march through the privileges often accorded real Presidents. Ford is already on the Hill in the Senate’s gallery of former Veeps. ford-bust.jpg

But now Michigan’s 70s nostalgia may bounce an actual historic figure for the nation’s highest placeholder. Senator Zachary Chandler was a Radical Republican who pressed President Lincoln to arm freed slaves against the South in the Civil War and led the fight against slavery in Washington DC.

Versus “everybody loves” Jerry Ford.

It doesn’t have to happen. Statue flipping only began in 2003 for Eisenhower. California is dumping one of it’s existing statues to make way for the beloved Ronald Reagan, but they’ve spared us Nixon so far. The Joint Committee on the Library of Congress has to sign off on switching, so enraged citizens could stop this travesty.

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