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There was a brief tizzy back in 2004 when it was revealed that Saddam Hussein’s pistol had migrated to the White House. President Bush would show it off to select guests before returning it to it’s special place in his private office.

The story inspired the winner of an annual “Faux Faulkner” contest, “The Administration and the Fury”, but unlike past winners the man/boy gun story was not published in United Airlines’ “Hemispheres” magazine. It appeared instead in the publication’s on-line incarnation, assuring an audience of those without seat pockets in front of them. Alas, now it’s no longer accessible on the “Hemispheres” site.

Saddam’s gun will likewise disappear, entering the netherworld of presidential gifts entrusted to the nation. But pistol enthusiasts are looking ahead. Some are preparing a shiny new pistol to be presented to Bush after he leaves office, when he can keep it.

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